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There is a reality that lies deep within the visible landscape that we see.  It is found in the movement of energy, shape, form, and color that constitute the underlying structure of visible reality.


It is in our inner, often subconscious, emotional and psychic resonance to these qualities that we are touched and moved by what is around us. 


So that what is felt in the landscape becomes evoked in us.   


As an artist, I am drawn to the spiritual aspects of the landscape and it’s deep sense of mystical power.  Since childhood, I was captivated by the majesty of Hawaii’s skies, clouds, trees, mountains, and seas.  As a painter, it is my wish to capture the essence of that power and beauty. My goal is to emulate the great Hawaiian landscape painters of the past.  I see myself not so much as an interpreter of the landscape, but as a vehicle through which the landscape reveals its beautiful and deeply inherent qualities.  My hope is to evoke that inner resonance through which we feel a connection to the beauty of the land around us.    


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